Cognitive Analytics Research Laboratory (CARL)

From Google maps predicting the quickest route to travel to Netflix recommending a film for you to watch, artificial intelligence (AI) powers much in our daily lives today. It offers huge potential for business and industry.

The UK Industrial Strategy (2017) named AI and Data as one of its four Grand Challenges for industry. In 2016, the Northern Ireland Science Industry panel’s MATRIX ICT/Digital Foresight report said Northern Ireland has the potential to be world class in the area of data analytics.

At Ulster University, we are uniquely placed to support Northern Ireland industry to become a global leader in AI.

Leading the way in AI

Ulster University researchers have been working on artificial intelligence inspired by the human brain for over 20 years.  We create intelligent robots, devices and networks which can help people live more independently and diagnose and treat disease.

Industry-led research centre

The Cognitive Analytics Research Laboratory (CARL) is a cutting-edge research centre working with sectors as diverse as health, financial technology, media, energy and public policy.

Home to a high-performance computing facility, servers, labs and offices, CARL is a physical building where companies can work in close collaboration with our researchers.

As part of the City Deal, CARL is set to expand and grow its team to realise the full social and economic benefits of AI and data analytics. Having built up a unique specialism over 20 years, the Centre will continue to break new ground in researching what AI can do. CARL will work to equip and educate NI businesses to adopt AI for their industry needs.

Ulster University will act as a catalyst to fuel industry to deliver the economic growth on behalf of the region. Valued partners already engaged with CARL include Kainos, Allstate, Pramerica and Seagate.

Skills creation and impact on the region

CARL researchers will also work with entrepreneurs to develop new start-up companies. Ulster University’s strong commercial focus has already led to the creation of numerous successful spin-out companies including ActionSENSE and the award-winning wearable neurotechnology company NeuroCONCISE.

The Centre will have a major impact on local businesses by improving their products and processes, developing new skills, unlocking global opportunities and encouraging collaboration across sectors. As a result, the city and region will experience increased export sales, the creation of new enterprises and increased competitiveness and global reach. In turn, these outcomes will encourage Foreign Direct Investment and the attractiveness Derry~Londonderry and Strabane.

The Cognitive Analytics Research Laboratory be located close to CIDRA and Personalised Medicine Centre, two other Ulster University-led City Deal projects, promising great potential for cross-fertilisation for all collaborators.

Project Leads

Peter Devine

Position: Head of Strategic Partnerships

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